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And I guess…

January 20, 2010

…there’s the answer!

Perhaps when I’m a retired empty-nester I’ll re-evaluate…


self publicity and trope dysphoria

January 9, 2010

self publicity

I’m not just published in actual ink…I’m also on Google scholar. Go on, look me up. Fabulous.

trope dysphoria

Before the dawn of weblogs…way before, as in 1989…I wrote down what I did every day of my life in a little diary. It had five entries for every day of the year, so you could see what you did for the past four years. Until 1995, when I purchased a new one. By 2000 I was quite a grown-up, so I bought another one for the next two years. But by 2000 I had also been introduced to the wonderful world of weblogs, and the amazingly exciting life that I was leading–and obsessively blogging about–made the quaint paper diary rather redundant.

And then the trope dysphoria set in. Was my weblog a diary? Was it a travelogue? Was it amazingly philosophical commentary? I staunchly held to the theory that it was all and none of these. But then…what about all those lovely, mundane things that happen to me? I rather liked having them neatly written down to refer to when feeling sentimental, or having to remember when I changed states and/or countries.

So should I turn this weblog into a diary? The real problem has always been time–when I had loads of it, the weblog could be whatever I wanted at the moment. Now…well, I’ve got to write things called ‘trope dysphoria’ when I should be drinking wine in order to mull this problem (not the wine) over.

And so, to make a long story short, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what my decision will be.