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March 4, 2010

The lovely Frogg (link in the margin) has raised the issue of the evils (well, she says ‘follies’, which is both more accurate and alliterative) of facebook. In proper egocentric style, here’s my own version of the fb’s foibles, with particular reference to this weblog.

I joined facebook to see a picture of the guy a friend almost picked up at a party. Cool. And then I realised the benefits of having loads of people I know, who are hundreds and thousands of miles away, at casual proximity. Very cool. And then I decided to link it to my then-weblog. And this was mostly fine.

But once or twice I offended people, and once or twice they offended me, and then I had a whole discussion of meta-offense. I started censoring myself, whether to avoid the first or the second (not the last…I’m obviously doing this again now). So I had to rethink: what was I doing on facebook? what was I doing on my weblog? Was it just the difference in audience? was it the medium?

I got this new weblog. I want some people to read it…but not everyone. So the audience issue is important. But there’s something else as well…it is different posting things to a social networking site than it is posting things to a weblog. Your weblog is you. A network is you with tentacles. So if you’ve got a bit of a sting, those susceptible can swim around your weblog, while they can’t really avoid the reach of your nettley status updates.

So, in a way, (if you’re avoiding stinging people rather than actively seeking it out) facebook is an exercise in deference to others rather than obsession with self. Although with a slight overtone of resentment toward those who fall into the latter parenthetical category above…


a literal lol

March 3, 2010

Latest Sarah Palin Speech Opens Sixth Seal