Audience and other disconcerting things

A few notes about this blog…


Since beginning to blog at the end of last century, I have tried to make a conscious and vigilant effort to assume anyone in the world was reading what I wrote, and thus tried to avoid language like ‘we’ versus ‘they’ or generally third-person speech altogether. I don’t know how successful I’ve been–probably not half as much as I think, especially considering all the micro- or macro-culturally specific references that I don’t notice. Still, that has been my goal in blogging and any other public-ish writing pursuit.

But here I’ve completely abandoned this. I’m writing to a specific audience, and I’ve even limited who sees my blog post updates on Facebook to a group called My Bubble (I can still manage a little self-parody). I’m picturing you all and projecting a lot of my thoughts and feelings onto you, while somehow also acknowledging that this is in a totally public space…not to mention that none of you are legally required or morally obligated to share my thoughts and feelings. Moreover, I’m putting you all in the box I put myself in–privileged in some way or another, liberal-minded (to some degree), and in a position of wanting to help vulnerable people rather than being immediately threatened (although many of us have characteristics that could make us more vulnerable than others). This is why I’m using language like ‘our neighbours’ and that sort of thing.

As you can tell, I’m not totally comfortable with this, not least because it’s playing into the narrative of separation, hostility, and, yes, bubbles. And because anyone in the world could read this blog.

But I’m doing this for two reasons. First, this is a space for me to think and, as far as my dear Bubble is concerned, I want like-minded people to think with me, with their own unique experiences and thoughts…and without deep offence occurring in either direction. Secondly, I want to acknowledge that my experience is substantially different from that of people different from me: that, in this context, what I’m thinking is not universal and transcultural, and to make my occasional sweeping statements about what ‘we’ should do ‘inclusive’ is catastrophically missing the point.

Other information

I’m trying to finish up an article based on my master’s dissertation.

I’ve had a painful verruca on my foot since November. It wasn’t diagnosed until 20 January. (That’s not an allegory.)

Here is what the predictive keyboard wanted me to say just now: ‘That’s not an American hero and the one who had the best present to be a lasting impact is a gift of love.’

Heretofore I’ve been using this blog to post anything interesting (to me) that I read, so apologies if random stuff appears in your Facebook feed.

I find unrealistic murder mysteries very soothing.

The other night I needed something a bit stronger and had a random thought that I’d look at some art online. So I went to the National Gallery site and looked at art. The next day the Met made their public domain art freely downloadable and the ‘post art on Facebook’ meme took off.


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