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January 21, 2017

I write a blog post in my head every so often, and in the past few months almost every day. Once upon a time, before parenthood and studying-while-working-full-time, the head posts materialised (or digitised) on an old, long-gone weblog. But now that the studying bit is finished–or at least paused–and the parenthood no longer involves perpetual sleep deprivation, I think I might be able to start transferring thought to screen again.

As intimated, a big part of the impetus for this is the current political climate generally and specific manifestations thereof. While I always value a space to get things off my chest–and more importantly clarify my thoughts for myself–the urgency for this has risen partly because of my recent feelings of helplessness. These feelings peaked (although there is the chance that this peak is just a foothill) yesterday, 20 January. So I decided that, until I found something that I could really do, I should use this space to get it all out. My hope is that this will help me work through things with the goal of finding that thing that I really can do (instead of, as recently, swirling my head around well-meaning but highly unlikely ways that I will change the world for the better).

Before I begin, I’m going to write a Manifesto-in-progress page, with the understanding that it will never not be in-progress.