Scene: bedtime

Me (to 9-year-old son): I’ll just go down to get you your slow-acting carbs.

Son: Are you taking my phone?

Me: Yes.

Son: What will I do while you’re gone?

Me: Think about life.

[Brief interlude]

Son: What did you mean ‘think about life’?

Me: To think about the meaning of life!

Son: What is the meaning of life?

Me (non-nonplussed): Well…that’s a very hard question. People spend their whole lives thinking about that… But I guess most religions and people with no religion would agree that every person has equal worth. So we should look after ourselves so that we can look after other people.

Son: You said it was a hard question, but you just answered it.

Me: —

Me: Well, I said that’s one thing that most people would agree on…


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